Still, your new favourite band

The Hives have never been timid.

You listen to their music, there’s no real chance of a ballad (unless they’re taking the piss, then all bets are off — see their cover of Curtis Mayfield’s “Find Another Girl” from Veni Vidi Vicious). Their stated goal has always been clear: World domination.

And now…

Black and White AlbumWell, some bands release a song in advance of new albums, and at first, so did The Hives — “Tick Tick Boom” follows the band’s formula of rock-hard-rock fast, but it also hints that the band is up to a little more this time around.

Then, they decide that October 9 is not a good date to release The Black and White Album. They decide that October 15 is better.


Now, this is only on iTunes, so us Mac-oids and those PC guys who downloaded it can really get to them, but this is one serious sneak peek:

  • “Try It Again” revives the pogo-ready Devo sound they worked to a froth on Tyrannosaurus Hives.
  • “Well All Right!” sets Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist loose against a more ’50s-ish doo-wop backing vocal — and this was produced by The Neptunes…
  • “Won’t Be Long” continues the move away from the more conventional sound — this is very new wave, and is that a glockenspiel after the chorus?
  • “You Got It All… Wrong” gives Almqvist a chance to extend his voice against much more warm guitars, all the while keeping up the frenetic beat.
  • “Fall Is Just Something Grown-Ups Invented” isn’t even on the album, but it’s very solid as well. (They wrote this for Cartoon Network!)

The Neptunes aren’t the only producers The Hives worked with — Jacknife Lee (U2, Kasabian) and Dennis Herring (Modest Mouse, Camper Van Beethoven) also played a part.

Heck, they even tried to get in a couple of tracks with Timbaland, but the recordings came too late for the album. Still, we may get to hear those as B-sides. (These are the same sessions that produced “Throw It On Me”, which did make it to Timbaland’s Shock Value.)

Basically, The Hives excel at marketing themselves. And they’ve done it again.