Joe Gibbs re-retires

Goodbye, coach. Again.

Joe GibbsI doubt I would’ve written this post had this happened a month ago, or if the Redskins hadn’t made the playoffs. In both cases, Joe Gibbs appeared to be a shadow of his former coaching self — making awful decisions with timeouts, etc.

But the way Coach Gibbs pulled his team together after the death of Sean Taylor — which would’ve been extremely difficult for about 98 percent of coaches — showed me that he’s never truly lost a thing.

And he did something I never thought he’d do — he got me back into the fold of Redskins football fandom, something I completely turned my back on when Daniel Snyder hired Steve Spurrier.

Let’s face it, when Gibbs came back four seasons ago, this team was in a shambles. And while they didn’t become worldbeaters, by then end, they were at least respectable.

So, once more, here’s to one of the truly great coaches.

And I’m going to pack my Redskin fan-gear back into the box.