This is what we waited for????

And so, with the glorious introduction of Academy Award-winning director Cuba Gooding Jr., the long-awaited performance of Amy Winehouse. …

What a twitchy mess.

Now, those who’ve become familiar with Amy know that she had — key word, HAD — a great voice… Her excellent first album, Frank, was killer, great jazzy stuff. She had the Dap-kings (who are an a amazing band, better when they back up the awesome Sharon Jones…).

Back in Black hooked her up with producer Mark Ronson, whom I really enjoy, but regurgitated girl-group stuff never really grabbed me. Then all the crap started…

And tonight? She looked nervous, sounded average and basically wasn’t all that great.

And oh by the way, she just got No. 3 of the big 4 with Record of the Year. If she sweeps, I will invoke the name of the only other who’s pulled it off. But not until then.

Fun with ‘Just’

Nifty new Mark Ronson video for his and Alex Greenwald’s cover of Radiohead’s “Just”. Ronson’s version (which is on Version) has been floating around for a while, but this new video makes fun of the original by continuing the story. Sort of.

It’s more cute than really funny, but it’s enjoyable nonetheless.

(Here’s the original, by the way…)

Links courtesy Fimoculous. Rex is not a fan of this song (which is my all-time favorite Radiohead song), but I won’t hold it against him…