(almost didn’t survive’s travesty. = nightmare fuel.)

And the Album of the Year is…


Nor is it Kanye.

Herbie Hancock!!!!

Yes, the man who did Rockit back in the day comes up with quite possibly the most surprising victory I’ve seen in a long time. (OK, two weeks? Giants 17, Pats 14? Nope, Herbie beats that.)

Excellent. Well done, sir. Clearly, 2008 is the year of the upset.

And with that, good night, all!! Thanks to everyone who read the blog tonight. You blew up my blog stats!!!


Line of the night

After Alicia Keys blustered through “No One” with John Mayer, wasn’t really into it…

But then Country Music Album of the Year saved the day…

Handed the award by Ringo Starr, Vince Gill — whose These Days four-disc set (!) is amazing — had the line of the night:

“I just got handed an award by a Beatle. Hey, Kanye, have you had that happen to you yet?”

Even Kanye had to laugh at that one.

The pyramid of French coolness.

Ah, yes. Kanye and Daft Punk together, making it look like Tron. Good times.

You know… the pyramid has given Daft Punk legendary status. Love it.

And Kanye’s song about his mom is very sweet. As always, a monstrously good performance from Mr. West.

And then, for the second time, my head flew off due to the segue to Fergie caterwauling.