Feist = new artist?

About as new as Shelby Lynne was.

But this version of 1-2-3-4 is so downcast. I almost feel like they said “Hey, let’s throw Indie chick a bone!” and she kinda knew it. And it didn’t work for her.

Keeley Smith + Kid Rock: Kinda fun. Surprised the heck outta me. Comment me — what’s googotz????



What ya got for us, Pepper?


Jason Bateman introduces Foo. Nice to see Pat back in the band. FOOO.

The JPJ Orchestra makes The Pretender a weird misfitting song. It doesn’t need this.

Ah, FOOOOOO. The true rock sound.

The wife misses her Davey Grohlton Band. Hey, Brad Paisley’s coming on! Calm down!

(After the 10 minute break…)

She’s blissful. It’s Brad. Plays like Knopfler, funny lyrics. Ya can’t go wrong.