For the record…

I neither agree with what A.J. Daulerio did last week with his ESPN rumors, going live with them in what can only be characterized as a malicious attack, nor do I condone anything ESPN has done in the last decade.

I feel that ESPN has ruined sports in a major way. And that Daulerio set blogs back about 5 or 6 years.

A pox on both of their houses.

That is all.


Journey’s Escape video game proof you are in my age group

Journey Escape
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On this week’s somewhat disorganized but often entertaining Deadcast — that’s Deadspin‘s podcast, hosted by “Big Daddy Drew” Magary — the topic of video games came up and while the trio of Magary, AJ Daulerio and Will Leitch had placed themselves behind me on the age chart with some of their mentions, when the game “Journey: Escape” came up, I shouted “You are in my age group now, boys!”

From what I remember, “Journey: Escape” — as I’m sure you’ve guessed by now — involved the corporate rock band Journey. Apparently, the goal was to save each member of Journey from some horrible fate — opening for Styx? — and get them to a live show.

If you succeeded in this goal, you’d get to hear a song — probably “Separate Ways” — played by the bemulleted quintet.

While Pac-Man and Galaga seemed to make it out of the 1980s intact, “Journey: Escape” was not as fortunate. Which is a shame, especially when there was a video-game game show on TBS that celebrated the rockin’ game’s debut in arcades.

(If someone knows the game show I’m referring to, please help!)

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