Roundup: Grammy, BAFTA

Thanks to ITN news… here’s the quick lowdown on two big award shows… the Grammys in the U.S., and the BAFTAs in the UK. Please to enjoy!

First up, Amy Winehouse shows how shocked she is to win:

Secondly, Marian Cotilliard pulls off a bit of a shock at the UK’s film awards with her win in La Vie En Rose as “that crazy Mexican singer”. (At least, that’s what my wife thinks I consider her — I know who Edith Piaf is. Don’t necessarily like her… but… )



(almost didn’t survive’s travesty. = nightmare fuel.)

And the Album of the Year is…


Nor is it Kanye.

Herbie Hancock!!!!

Yes, the man who did Rockit back in the day comes up with quite possibly the most surprising victory I’ve seen in a long time. (OK, two weeks? Giants 17, Pats 14? Nope, Herbie beats that.)

Excellent. Well done, sir. Clearly, 2008 is the year of the upset.

And with that, good night, all!! Thanks to everyone who read the blog tonight. You blew up my blog stats!!!

This is what we waited for????

And so, with the glorious introduction of Academy Award-winning director Cuba Gooding Jr., the long-awaited performance of Amy Winehouse. …

What a twitchy mess.

Now, those who’ve become familiar with Amy know that she had — key word, HAD — a great voice… Her excellent first album, Frank, was killer, great jazzy stuff. She had the Dap-kings (who are an a amazing band, better when they back up the awesome Sharon Jones…).

Back in Black hooked her up with producer Mark Ronson, whom I really enjoy, but regurgitated girl-group stuff never really grabbed me. Then all the crap started…

And tonight? She looked nervous, sounded average and basically wasn’t all that great.

And oh by the way, she just got No. 3 of the big 4 with Record of the Year. If she sweeps, I will invoke the name of the only other who’s pulled it off. But not until then.