Reasons I love my wife: Paper towels

towelsMy wife has introduced some wonderful things into my life, not the least of which is realizing the incredible versatility of the paper towel.

Like many of you, I was brought up under the tyranny of the home-utility paper industry. That is to say, we used paper towels, but also napkins and facial tissue. We may have even at one time used the industrial-strength paper towels for big messes.

My mom brought up the idea of using paper towels as napkins, and many of your finer bar/restaurants do the same. And do you miss the napkin? Not really. The paper towel has the same function as the napkin — to wipe things up, in this case off one’s face or, if necessary, clothing.

My wife had the same idea — however, she took it to full-on everyday use. But the extension of the paper towel into the facial-tissue realm was all hers.
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