This blog is … alive! (again!)

aliveHey there…

So we’re changing things up a little bit here. This started out as a music-heavy blog and there’ll still be plenty of music.

But I’m taking a cue from a new favorite of mine but a blog that’s been around for a good while, Basically, Jason Kottke writes about what he likes, which covers a lot of ground: Technology, art, history and more.

So I’m basically taking the same philosophy, writing about things I like. Which are:

— Music

— Movies

— Food/restaurants

— Sports, specifically baseball, Aston Villa soccer, Georgia athletics, football and basketball in general and the Olympics

— Technology

— Social media

— Books

— Travel

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My list: The Top 5 albums of the year…

As I am officially not a music critic anymore but a wannabe (has-been? Wanna-not-be?), I don’t feel the compulsion to share my top 10 albums of the year with you, in carefully decided order.

As a person with a massive ego, however, I would like to give you my top five in no order, plus a mess of honorable mention… ready, here goes:

My Top 5 Albums of 2008:


  • For Emma, Forever Ago, Bon Iver: Like a lot of top 10 critical favorites this year, the album by Justin Vernon, aka Bon Iver, has been passed from publication to publication, blog to blog, as writers search for words like soulful, impassioned, etc. In this case, it’s well-deserved.
  • m83Saturdays=Youth, M83: A beautiful throwback album, not so much the music but the feeling. A joyous collection – and I can’t get Kim & Jessie out of my head right now.
  • standinsThe Stand-Ins, Okkervil River: Can Will Sheff make a misstep right now? Not musically anyway. I can’t speak for any other facet of his life.
  • saadiqThe Way I See It, Raphael Saadiq: Brilliant on so many levels, mostly as a celebration of what makes good soul music great.
  • dearscienceDear Science, TV On The Radio: People call My Morning Jacket America’s Radiohead. Wrong. MMJ is America’s U2 (Unforgettable Fire-style). TVOTR is America’s Radiohead – they make the most experimental stuff sound amazing.

Honorable Mention:

  • Attack & Release, Black Keys
  • In Ghost Colours, Cut Copy
  • Brighter Than Creation’s Dark, Drive-By Truckers
  • Feed The Animals, Girl Talk
  • Stay Positive, The Hold Steady
  • Asking For Flowers, Kathleen Edwards
  • Only By The Night, Kings Of Leon
  • Hold on Now, Youngster, Los Campesinos!
  • Oracular Spectacular, MGMT
  • Evil Urges, My Morning Jacket
  • Consolers of the Lonely, The Raconteurs
  • Parallel Play, Sloan
  • Vampire Weekend, Vampire Weekend
  • You and Me, The Walkmen
  • The Week That Was, The Week That Was
  • Alopecia, Why?

It’s the most wonderful time…

The weather turns cold, the calendar turns to December and there’s joy in my heart.

Rex Sorgatz’s list of lists has begun again.

For me — a list geek for as long as I can remember — Sorgatz’s Fimoculous site, which is always quite good, becomes a completely indispensable place during the final months of a year, and January in the year begun anew.

(And I’m a little biased — a couple of years ago, I emailed him my paper’s year-end lists, including my own. And he published them! Felt like a celebrity that day…)

The Fimoculous Web site’s list is amazing in its scope — anything people can aggregate into a best-of (or worst-of) list can be found here. Best music/movies/TV to be sure, but also the Word of the Year, according to the American Oxford Dictionary (it’s “hypermiling”… which is to exceed expected MPG estimates with your car); the 10 worst companies according to Multinational Monitor (varying from the expected — like AIG — to the downright scary — apparently Cargill’s messing with the world food supply), and Lifehacker’s best top 10 lists, which is truly the most meta a list can become.