Why we’re here.

dscf0306New Frontiers is where the edge of the envelope meets the corners of the mind. It’s about those who try harder to make the world just a little more interesting. It’s also the name of a Donald Fagen song, on the album The Nightfly.

Who you?

Jonathan Tully is a Web producer for a medium-sized metro daily newspaper. That’s right. MSM.


2 thoughts on “Why we’re here.

  1. yo tully.
    want to post a weekly blog intro in my purehoney newsletter?
    would need your bit on monday or tuesday each wee.
    i’d basically post the title a photo and the first few sentences as tease then link to your blog. whatcha think?

  2. Hey tully, been reading your blog and noticed your into different types of “good” music. Specifically you wrote about Talib Kweli and cited other groups that as an artist I have a great amount of respect for. In short, I was wondering if you could check a few songs and let us know what you think. If you have time check out our myspace at http://www.sleepercellcrew.com, it would be much appreciated and any suggestions would be welcomed.


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