Reasons I love my wife: Paper towels

towelsMy wife has introduced some wonderful things into my life, not the least of which is realizing the incredible versatility of the paper towel.

Like many of you, I was brought up under the tyranny of the home-utility paper industry. That is to say, we used paper towels, but also napkins and facial tissue. We may have even at one time used the industrial-strength paper towels for big messes.

My mom brought up the idea of using paper towels as napkins, and many of your finer bar/restaurants do the same. And do you miss the napkin? Not really. The paper towel has the same function as the napkin — to wipe things up, in this case off one’s face or, if necessary, clothing.

My wife had the same idea — however, she took it to full-on everyday use. But the extension of the paper towel into the facial-tissue realm was all hers.

At first, I resisted, as I was concerned about the more coarse consistency. But my wife, who has very prevalent nasal allergies, had no issue with using the paper towel on her nose.

It’s really not that big a difference. A slightly scratchier experience, but all told, not so much you’d complain.

Now, there are exceptions. First, there’s the common cold. In this case, you will be using a paper product on your nose on a more frequent basis and comfort is key. In such cases, you want to try and go all out — get a good soft tissue, possibly something with aloe to relieve skin irritation. If you’re going to be suffering anyway, why make it worse.

Secondly, there’s toilet paper. You can’t make paper towels into the all-purpose home paper product. Toilet paper is used on a much more sensitive area. Again, comfort is key. If you have to resort to paper towels in such situations, it is very unpleasant.

But all told, paper towels can represent 75-80 percent of home-utility use. So it saves money to buy a bunch of rolls in bulk and use them that way.

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