Hail to the Redskins? Hail, no.

washington_redskins_logo1030104I’ll be honest with you. Had you told me 10 years ago that I would no longer be a Redskin fan, I’d have called you a liar and a fool.

But then, I’d never have anticipated what Daniel Snyder would’ve done to this franchise.

It started with Snyder hiring Steve Spurrier as his head coach.

Now, to many folks, Spurrier may have at the time seemed like maybe it was a good idea. Or at least interesting. To me, it meant that my mortal enemy, my nemesis, as a Georgia fan through and through, was in charge of the Redskins.

So I took my leave as a ‘Skins fan. I considered myself almost a fan in exile. I told fans I was looking for a new team, but I thought eventually I’d come back.

And when Snyder hired Joe Gibbs back, I thought, OK, I’m back.

Unfortunately, Joe — God bless that man — didn’t really have it anymore. He also didn’t really have the players. He did the best he could, but finally he retired.

Picture of Jim Zorn, former Seattle Seahawks p...
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And now… the reasons I’m not a Redskin fan at all:

1. Snyder decides to replace Gibbs with a man who had never actually called a play in his life, Jim Zorn.

2. The Redskins started the season playing five winless teams. Their record in that time span? 2-3.

3. They took the playcalling away from Zorn, basically making him a head coach in name only, and gave it to Sherm Lewis. Lewis, who at one time was considered a strong candidate to be an NFL coach, had spent the last few years calling bingo.

4. Snyder charges people for EVERYTHING. Watching practice. Tailgating. The man sells beer in the bathroom!

5. They insist on starting Jason Campbell at QB. This is a guy that is basically not awful, he’s just kind of a cypher. A null set. He’s not much of anything.

And that’s really the beginning.

So I’m basically a free agent right now. I’ll be honest — ever since Spurrier was the ‘Skins coach, I’ve lost my zest for pro football in general. This year, I’ve picked it up a bit, probably because I’m covering some high school games, but that just heightens how much I despise what Snyder has done to the ‘Skins.

Back when I was a kid, a classmate would try to get my goat by calling the team the “Deadskins”. I think right about now, he’s pretty much dead on.

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