To look good is to feel good

If there has been anyone that has been at the forefront of trying whacked-out uniform designs it’s the Oregon Ducks.

Oregon's jerseys went through a major remake i...
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Where other schools (Notre Dame, Penn State, Michigan, USC) trot out the same uniforms year after year, likely because alumni would be apoplectic if they did anything with a modicum of change, Oregon seems to go the opposite route, throwing caution to the wind and saying, “We trust you, Nike, to not make our team look completely ridiculous.” Even if that trust shouldn’t be readily earned (see right).

This year, the Ducks and Nike got together and set up a situation where Oregon can dress in any one of 160 different combinations (not counting the throwback uniforms used already once this season).


The Oregonian’s Web site seized on the opportunity and made a “dress your Duck” interactive. It’s really cool, and I tried a few different looks.

I settled on the one you see at left, and a lot of people agree, especially for the Ducks’ game against USC on Halloween night.

What better look than to dress at night on Halloween like ninjas. Might be the best chance Oregon has at beating the Trojans — to dress like, and somehow acquire the powers of, ninjas. To disappear into the night, only to reappear in the end zone seconds later.

Or just to simply realize that black is still the new black. And looks awesome.

(Thanks to Every Day Should Be Saturday for the link and the idea!)

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