Addictions: ESPN’s Streak for the Cash

streak_screenFirst of all, what do you think of the new look? I kinda like the duskiness of it all. And it looks like a horizon, which is what I’m all about — looking to the horizon for the new frontier. Etc. Etc.

Secondly, I admit that I’m addicted to a few things — sadly, blogging isn’t one of them. Not yet.

But one thing I find myself gravitating to like a giant bug zapper is a game put up called Streak for the Cash. It’s deceptively simple — you pick a game out of a menu of several going on that day, and then you pick a winner. If you win, you start a winning streak. If your winning streak reaches 27, you win $1 million. 

But it’s harder than it looks. Sure, they have straight-up battles in popular sports, but you can also try your luck at contests such as who’ll score more or how many total points will be scored.

And they also choose more obscure sports as well. Which is why I’m hoping Colchester United finds a way to beat Tranmere Rovers today. 

I don’t know WHERE Colchester IS!!! (I do know it’s in England, but that’s as close as I can get.)

All I know is that I hope the U’s (that’s Colchester’s nickname) can do it, because I’m on the schneid and I need to win, baby.

UPDATE: Tranmere 1, Colchester 0. Dammit! 

Also, here’s where Colchester is. Close to the North Sea, etc.


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