A quick one: Beat that, Keller!

Wednesday’s the day for good music ’round these parts — The English Beat at Culture Room and Keller Williams at City Limits.

The English Beat was one of the truly great ska bands, combining a very pure Jamaican sound with the pop sensibilities of Dave Wakeling. However, Wakeling’s move to the U.S., coinciding with nostalgia, have created a Beat on both sides of the pond. Wakeling heads up The English Beat on U.S. soil, while original members Ranking Roger and Everett Morton are part of The Beat (which has always been the band’s name inside the UK) when they play British dates. It’s a sort of inadvertent two-pronged ska attack. Or skattack.

Keller Williams’ innovative songwriting and guitar work have made him a live favorite and collaboratin’ fool. Not surprisingly, his newest album is a collaboration with other artists in a live setting. If you see Keller, you’ll see a man who can take a show in a lot of different directions.


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