Better watch out, better not cry, AC/DC’s comin’ to town…


My wife has this wonderful philosophy about AC/DC

Some folks feel that this pioneering rock band, who has been at it since 1973, have a sense of, let’s call it sameness to their songs.

And rather than denying that’s the case, she acknowledges it.

“They keep polishing that (object) and putting it out there.”

In other words: Yeah, their music can be pretty similar to every other piece of music they’ve done. So what?

(And you can guess what object she means.)

When XM — which is now Sirius XM after the merger and has a lot of different names for their stations and is confusing, but that’s a story for another time — introduced AC/DC Radio as the band released Black Ice, its 16th album, you think it would be tedious to listen to after a while? No way.

And live? Hey, if you want blood, you got it! Angus Young and Brian Johnson (quite possibly the greatest replacement frontman in the history of rock ‘n’ roll) have more personality and, well, balls than about 99 percent of the lead singers and guitarists playing music now. And in a lot of cases, these two — along with guitarist Malcolm Young, bassist Cliff Williams and drummer Phil Rudd — are twice the age of a lot of musicians.

Check them out at BankAtlantic Center this weekend.


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