It’s the most wonderful time…

The weather turns cold, the calendar turns to December and there’s joy in my heart.

Rex Sorgatz’s list of lists has begun again.

For me — a list geek for as long as I can remember — Sorgatz’s Fimoculous site, which is always quite good, becomes a completely indispensable place during the final months of a year, and January in the year begun anew.

(And I’m a little biased — a couple of years ago, I emailed him my paper’s year-end lists, including my own. And he published them! Felt like a celebrity that day…)

The Fimoculous Web site’s list is amazing in its scope — anything people can aggregate into a best-of (or worst-of) list can be found here. Best music/movies/TV to be sure, but also the Word of the Year, according to the American Oxford Dictionary (it’s “hypermiling”… which is to exceed expected MPG estimates with your car); the 10 worst companies according to Multinational Monitor (varying from the expected — like AIG — to the downright scary — apparently Cargill’s messing with the world food supply), and Lifehacker’s best top 10 lists, which is truly the most meta a list can become.


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