Choice concerts: Waited so long…

qtipNine years ago, Q-Tip released Amplified, his first solo album after the breakup of A Tribe Called Quest. It had massive pop hooks, as evidenced by the hit “Vivrant Thing”.

Three years after that, he was to release Kamaal The Abstract.

And then… nothing.

His label thought Kamaal lacked commercial appeal and refused to release it. And so, those of us who wanted new stuff from Q-Tip waited.

And waited…

And waited…

(and it’s still not as long as those who waited for Chinese Democracy… anyway!)

Finally, out came The Renaissance, which has received strong critical acclaim and is among the top-selling albums around. Finally, Q-Tip’s back.

He’ll be playing Revolution on Wednesday along with the Cool Kids and the Knux. Should be a strong show.

Best show in PBC: Can’t go wrong with New Orleans’ Radiators for old-fashioned rockin’ fun. They’ll play a two-day stint at City Limits, Friday and Saturday.

Money-no-object event: Eh, just enjoy Thanksgiving.


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