Choice concerts: Of obscure ’80s albums

299px-ivan_neville_photo1I look back on my college years when I was voracious with my love of music, picking out interesting choices. Many times these were acts never heard from again.

Or albums that never quite made their mark. Such is the story of If My Ancestors Could See Me Now by Ivan Neville.

ivan_ancestors2The son of Aaron Neville and longtime associate to both the Neville Brothers and the Rolling Stones, Ivan was trying to establish his footprint, mixing in a lot of different influences — funk, African, New Orleans, straight-ahead rock. With a very different voice than his father’s — a rough-hewn vocal rather than the ultra-smooth wonder that is Aaron Neville’s instrument — Ivan, at least in my mind, built a wonderful sound for himself. (I can still hear the album’s final song, “Sun”, and its keyboard flourishes. Damn, that song makes me happy.)

Of course, Ivan’s done pretty well for himself, mostly working with others. However, he’s always had time for his own music — he’s done three other solo LPs and has done a lot of stuff with his band, Dumpstafunk. Sunday, he’ll take a break from Dumpstafunk for Jackie’s 40th Jam at Delray’s City Limits, alongside cousin Ian Neville and Nick Daniels, Ray Weber and Tony Hall. Expect an excellent time. Don’t expect anything from that 1988 album. (Although, I’d lose my damn mind if he did play something from it.)

Here’s Ivan from a past jam with Hall, Weber and others at the Culture Room, performing James Brown’s “Superbad”:

South Florida’s best show: If you can get out to see the masked wonders that are the Aquabats at Culture Room on Friday night, do so. They can only help you.

If money’s no object: Because they’re not heading to Florida this tour, board the Learjet and head up to Boston for one of a two-show set with Kings of Leon at the awesome Orpheum on Wednesday and Thursday. Or just stay up there for both shows, get a great Italian meal in the North End and fly back for the Aquabats on Friday and Ivan Neville’s jam on Sunday.

Also appearing this week, sometime Dave Matthews compatriot Tim Reynolds heads to City Limits with TR3 on Thursday… A Black Crowes show is always a cool slab of Southern Rock — they play the Fillmore Miami Beach on Wednesday… I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Cobra Starship’s show at Revolution on Wednesday as well… Steppin’ out tonight? Joe Jackson’s at the Fillmore on Saturday.


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