Showtime: Joel McHale, Sunrise Theatre, Fort Pierce

First of all, Joel McHale may well have the greatest job in America.

As the host of “The Soup”, McHale shows clips of a wide variety of TV shows — from talk shows to prime time and even YouTube — and snarks on all of them.

Joel McHale
Joel McHale
As I found out on Sunday night, he sometimes doesn’t exactly get away with it. During his very relaxed stand-up set, McHale did allow the audience in on the fact that some folks aren’t too happy with him.

Especially Tyra Banks.

And for good reason — it sure seems McHale tends to save his best stuff for Miss Tyra, the former model and now talk-show and reality-TV host. But then, it’s not like he has a choice… Tyra supplies plenty of ammo with her sometimes odd, many times over-the-top personality. I mean, if you really do have a fear of dolphins, wouldn’t you, gee I dunno, stay as far from dolphins as humanly possible?

Fortunately, McHale’s good nature tends to win a lot of people over (even Kim Kardashian, who almost takes as many shots as Tyra does on the E! show). Even when he skewers someone — and he did Sunday, from Hugh Hefner to Denise Richards — it’s pretty much all in good fun. Gotta make life bearable working for a place that produces — how did opener Chris Hardwick put it? Oh yeah — unwatchable programming.

Chris Hardwick
Chris Hardwick
While E! shows are a gold mine for McHale (and, as it turns out, Hardwick, who works on the same lot as McHale while taping the G4 network’s “Attack of the Show”), he didn’t just stick to that. He also told tales about his family, and how his young son could go from being future genius to future retard and back in the space of seconds.

He was also a very gracious performer, hanging out in front of the theater for photos with fans, including my wife and me. Here he is with her — he’s telling me to “PUSH THE DAMN BUTTON!” I think, as I had a serious “camera fail”:

My wife with Joel! Take the picture, man!
My wife with Joel! Take the picture, man!

Thank God these photos worked out, as cell pix from inside the theater were pathetically awful:


To see what Joel’s standup is all about (and to get clarification that yes, he does indeed talk about Ryan Seacrest), please to enjoy:

And here’s a bit about his son, Eddie:


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