Choice concerts: Not “cover band”!!!

Tribute bands are all over the place these days. It seems like any given weekend you can catch a group paying grand homage to the Eagles or Led Zeppelin or AC/DC. 

But 3 One G, a four-man group from Winter Haven who’ll be appearing at Respectable Street on Aug. 9, made an interesting choice — Joy Division. Named for a bit of the chorus of “Warsaw”, 3 One G has gained a good reputation for equating the sonic experience of something that was lost in 1980 when Joy Division’s lead singer, Ian Curtis, committed suicide. 

Watch “No Love Lost”:


By the way, don’t ever call a band like 3 One G a “cover band” — biggest mistake you can make for one of these groups. Think of tribute bands as unfilmed biopics — equal parts musicians playing what they love and sonic actors.


Also this week: Something like Peter Gabriel-era Genesis cross-pollenated with modern metal, Coheed and Cambria (Thursday, Revolution) has built their entire career around the telling of one story, called The Amory Wars. Also appearing, one of my favorite live bands of the last few years, The Secret Machines.


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