My Music: The Afghan Whigs, “Black Love”

When acquired: Not sure, but I think 2007 through

Why: Liked “Gentlemen”, thought it would be good too.

What do you think? I don’t know anyone who’s a fan of The Afghan Whigs. I have to wonder why. I mean, hipsters won’t like the fact that Greg Dulli has literary aspirations and is bold-faced about them in his lyrics. That he and his bandmates have no problem lowering themselves into the grit and nastiness of humanity if that’s what the song calls for. But to me, that’s what makes The Afghan Whigs so good. It’s the fact that Dulli isn’t writing the most appealing, sunshine-and-puppy-dogs songs in the world, that John Curley’s bass doesn’t mind kicking you in the teeth or that it’s just not very nice music. I mean, come on, folks, it can’t all be pretty.

Rating: B

Fate in your collection: Keeper

Listen to this: “Going To Town”


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