My Music: Afro-Celt Sound System, “03: Further In Time”

When, how acquired: 2007, Lala

Why: Heard the song “When You’re Falling” on the radio.

What do you think? When I first heard “When You’re Falling”, I thought it was a brand-new Peter Gabriel song. I was half-right — Gabriel sings lead on this aptly named combo’s song. It has the same attractive African sound that many of Gabriel’s best songs have had during his career (“Biko”, “In Your Eyes”, etc.) Unfortunately, the Afro-Celts can’t really keep up the kind of joyous sound — it’s better as very interesting background music.

Rating: C+

Fate in your collection: Probably will toss. There’s a skip on one of the tracks.

Listen to this: “When You’re Falling”


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