My Music: The Action, “Rolled Gold”

Today, I’m going to try something pretty expansive, and I hope folks in the blogosphere enjoy this. It’s a look at all the stuff in my music collection. I’m going to write a review for every single one.

I’m blaming this on the economy — instead of buying yet another CD or download, I’m listening to the ones I have. First up, one of my oldest LP’s, The Action’s “Rolled Gold”:

When, how acquired: 2007, eMusic

Why: Recommendation on the Web site

What do you think? “Rolled Gold” is the greatest example of the otherwise overused phrase “lost classic”. This incredible album from 1967 didn’t see the light of day until 2002 — legend has it Parlophone, The Action’s label, didn’t like the direction this one-time mod band had taken and shelved all the songs. My response: Why? This is monstrously better than almost everything that came out at the time, and the stuff that surpasses “Rolled Gold” would be considered classics (Byrds, Faces, etc.). Lead singer Reg King had a strong, soulful voice, and guitarist Alan King slashed through with some great sounds. A song like “Something to Say” would likely make Big Star jealous — which really says something (considering my great affection for Big Star). “Brain” is an even stronger tune. Better still, a lot of the tracks here hold up so nicely — you could put a few of these tracks on a college radio station, and you’d have at least one listener asking when these guys will be coming through town.

Rating: A

Fate in your collection: Keeper.

Listen to this: “Something to Say”


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