Catching up

Much to catch you up on… here goes:

The Preds: Are out. After that victory I wrote about, Nashville didn’t do anything else, bowing out in five to San Jose. The Predators had a good, but not great, season, and my guess is that they’ll probably try to skew their roster a little younger, which means guys like Forsberg and Kariya may not be around. We’ll see.

And I won’t pick anyone else to root for in the playoffs. But I’ll keep an eye on things.

Blades of Glory: A very fun movie… Tanya and I went for slightly different reasons — figure skating fan that Miss T is… she had to see that side of it, though both of us were there for the funny, and Will Ferrell brought it.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah: After two months of missing concerts, I finally went to see these guys. They were quite good — I still like their stuff from their first album more, although “Satan Said Dance” is an amazing song live.

Finally, my best wishes to the students, faculty and staff of Virginia Tech, and to the victims’ families. I hope there can be some good that finally comes from this.


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