Putting the Hibachi away.

Here I was, all set to write my second entry on this blog about the wonderfulness that is my new favorite athlete.

And then I read this:

Arenas Out 2-3 Months Following Surgery


Gilbert ArenasI had only begun to enjoy all that is Agent Zero, the Hibachi, Gilbert Arenas. How his game mixes superb athleticism with a huge work ethic and a brilliant mind. How he is brash, but not in the same way as a Ron Artest, that is to say, playfully rather than belligerently.

Arenas even has a name to his idiosyncratic style off the court, “Gilbertology”. In turn, that has lent a name to a very fine blog about the man.

He’s also help build the Washington Wizards, who last were anywhere near good about 20 years and a franchise name ago, into a viable playoff team. And it centers around his creative style.

So when I hear that he (along with another top Washington player, Caron Butler) got hurt, that’s a huge disappointment. Because now the world won’t see how amazing this guy is.

But there’ll always be next year for the Agent. And here’s just one of the best of 2006-07 to remember:


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